Why don’t “they” (I mean “I”) listen?

12 Oct

From my teenager to my seven year old to my three year old, we deal with disobedience.  What’s funny is that my teenage son complains that his little brothers don’t listen to him.  What’s even funnier is that he complains about my three year old’s whining.  When he does this complaining, I look at him and say…”umm this is the exact same thing as you not putting your dishes in the sink after the twelfth time I’ve asked you, or you arguing with me about having to leave your ipod off in the car with us…it’s just he does it in little kid form and you do it in teenager form.  It’s all the same.”  I can laugh right now because the frustration of the “let’s ignore mom until she explodes” ambience is not happening at the moment.  But really, don’t we have our grown up ways of disobeying.  As I was reading in 2 Kings this morning…I felt sad.  First of all I felt angry that no one would listen to God and just do as He asked after all that He had done for them.  Second of all I was sort of convicted because I know that there are times that I disobey God.  Whether it be out of not trusting Him, or that I haven’t spent quality time with Him so I might be distant and not hearing, or just out of a “I want to do it my way” syndrome.  The comparisons between the two might seem different…you know false gods, idols, and sacrificing of humans is a little different than worry, pride, holding grudges, etc…but when it get to the bottom line..it’s all the same- disobedience.

I see the things happening in the world and it seemed familiar to what I was reading.  My heart was broken.  God is so good and we just sort of say thanks and move on as if we deserved the goodness.   My prayer today is that God would reveal to me the disobedience and lack of trust in my heart and help me change it.  That I would be overcome with gratitude and my perspective would be transformed.  That I would be able to follow Him without fear, without hesitation, and do it wholeheartedly- no matter what He asked of me.

What are the things that might cause you to disobey?  How can we change these triggers in our lives??


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