the greatest friend…

14 Oct

Friends are great.  The circle of friends that you have had since high school is even better.  There’s something special about having that history.  That depth.  Don’t get me wrong, new friendships are great too, but those friends, who are now like sisters, cannot be beat.  The kind that you won’t talk to for months and then when you finally talk it’s as if you had been talking all along.  I have friends like that.  I love them to pieces.  One of them is Michelle (check out her family pic session-the martells).  She has been my friend since the 6th grade.  Can you believe it?  And even though she ended up going to a different high school, we remained close.  When I got pregnant with my first son, she told me she was pregnant two weeks later.  We were both in tough situations, but were able to encourage and support each other through it.  She actually calls me her ovary twin, because when I get pregnant, she gets pregnant.  She’s sweet, caring, and there to back you no matter what.  She now lives 4 hours away due to a military relocation.  We talk on the phone.   We text.  It’s as if she’s right around the corner.   

This week Michelle’s in town.  Her and her family are staying with her parents because her oldest son just had back surgery.  He’s 14 ½ years old.  As a mother, I can only imagine the feelings you get when you can’t do anything to help your child’s pain go away.  As a wife of a husband who has had back surgery, I can relate to her fatigue and weariness setting in from the 24 hr a day care you have to give with a person who is recovering.  But that’s what being a mom is right?  Caring and nurturing in ways that sacrifice your own needs for those you love.  It’s like an automatic thing too huh?  No thinking about it, just doing it.  I went to go visit her and her family today.  Michelle is doing it.  Caring for her recovering son, but also continuing to be a mom for two younger sons and a wife for her husband.  She does it without complaining.  She does it not only because she has to, but because she wants.  No matter how we do things though, there are times we get tired, weary, and feel like we won’t be able to get through the day.  She said she was grateful for my visit.  That it meant a lot.  I didn’t think it was enough.  That I should do more.  But as friends, I know we can only do so much.  There are points in life where there is nothing else a friend can do to make it better.  But you know what?  We don’t have to do it alone.  There is a better friend out there to all of us.  The greatest friend. We have someone who can help us through it.  Help us when others can’t.

  Matthew 11:28 (Amplified Bible)

28Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. [I will [a]ease and relieve and [b]refresh [c]your souls.]

Whatever the situation, whether you are dealing with a specific trial or what feels like a lifetime of trials, Jesus gives us rest.   

Are you weary today?  How do you deal when you feel like you won’t make it another minute?


3 Responses to “the greatest friend…”

  1. Michelle October 14, 2010 at 11:33 pm #

    refreshing reminder of the friend we have in Jesus. Aren’t we blessed that he gave us such great friends here on earth too? I don’t know where I’d be without mine.

  2. Chelle October 22, 2010 at 6:53 pm #

    Friends are gifts from God. I am thankful for my besties. Love you!

  3. Chelle October 24, 2010 at 8:37 am #

    Friends are truly gifts from God. I heart mine dearly, they are priceless.

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