i [heart] fridays…dragons and heroes

15 Oct

My movie taste I think has shifted from action packed, romance, comedy, vampire thriller to everything cartoon, animation, or one that has a PG rating.  That could be because that’s what I prefer, or it could be that I just have no choice in the matter living at home with three sons.  But, it’s ok, because most of the time I do like their movies. 

I loved the movie “How to Train your Dragon”.  When I took my kids to see it, in 3D no less, I completely fell in love with it.  First of all, we don’t go to the movies very much and definitely not in 3D, so when I was watching I thought to myself, “how can we ever watch another movie without watching it in 3D”.  Second, we all loved it.  That doesn’t happen all the time either, so it was nice to chat about it after.   The characters, the colors, the beauty.  We raved on and on for a few days.

So it’s been a while, and the effect has worn off. I wondered if I watched it again I would feel the same.  Well it came out today, and I do.  I LOVE THIS MOVIE.  Aside from the little jokes and the bit of action there were also some touching scenes.  I do have to say that all kids movies make me cry.  Tarzan.  Cried.  Treasure Planet.  Cried.  Ice Age.  Cried.  Yes i think there is something wrong with me.  Anyway, here’s what I took from the movie: 

  • I want a pet dragon.  No really I do.  (that says a lot coming from a person who isn’t all that into pets)
  • I love the scenery in it.  So beautiful.  It looks so real and amazes me that we can see things like that in real life.  God , the Creator, is sooooo magnificent.
  • The lowest, least skilled, least likely to be the hero…is the hero.  It reminds me of a lot of the heroes in the bible.  God can take each of us, no matter what we can do, how cowardly we are, how incompetent, or what everyone else thinks we are capable of and use us to further His Kingdom.  To make a difference.  He sees us as heroes already.

Needless to say, I will probably be watching it over and over and over….HAPPY FRIDAY!



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