it’s not a phase…

2 Nov

Yesterday was my youngest son’s birthday.  He is officially four years old.  Four years old.  I can hardly believe it.  It feels like just yesterday I was going through the unbearable labor pains that led to a c-section.  I thought he was giving me a hard time coming out of the womb, little did I know he be the one out of our three to give me the hardest time outside of the womb.  He is active, rough, make me ask you a million times, just flash my smile and seal it with my dimple, can get away with anything boy.  Yes, I admit, he is the baby of the family and I didn’t really get what that term meant until he came. 

As I was reminiscing about his four years of life and thanking God for my gift, I thought it’s time to stop making excuses about not living life.  About not taking care of myself.  My excuse has been taking care of a family of three boys and a hubby.  Having a small child for 6 straight years in a row.  Too tired, too many other things to do.  I thought, I will just wait until my little one is out of his rambunctious phase.  But then it dawned on me.  This rambunctiousness is who he is.  It is his part of how God created him to be.  So then I thought, “It’s not going to change or end…so I gotta get up and start living.”  So here I am making a declaration to start living and start taking care of my health along with the health of my family…(yes I know it’s I’m a bit dramatic)…so no matter how many times I fail or fall…I will get up and start again…


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