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i [heart] fridays…do overs

31 Dec

I cannot even believe how quickly 2010 came and went…but it’s new year’s eve again and 2011 is hours away!  New year’s eve is an awesome day, or night I should say.  Not because of the fireworks, parties, or celebrations…but because it seems like everyone on the planet gets that same exciting feeling of a new start.  Our boards can be wiped clean of all the mistakes we made during the year…and we have a new hope in making changes and doing things right.  It’s a feeling of cleansing and being renewed.

But hey, isn’t it the same with Jesus?  It’s funny how this day brings so much excitement and hope, when we can actually have that same thing on a daily basis or even moment basis.  Jesus is here to wipe our boards clean and cleanse and renew and give us a new start…no matter how many new starts we need!!!

Thank you Jesus for giving us hope and do overs, no matter what day of the year it is!