i [heart] fridays…mommylike vs. childlike

17 Dec

As Christmas approaches and stress keeps going up…I notice the little things that make me smile. One of those things is just childlike innocence. Sort of that obliviousness to all the stress and chaos that surrounds the holiday season. Even if the stress is soooo self-induced sometimes. Laughing, playing, and thinking that the world can be conquered.

Not enough money?  “That’s ok, we can make gifts”.

Christmas decorations look jenky? “The tree looks awesome!”

Stressed about holiday weight gain? “We love making cookies!”

I pray that some of that innocence rubs off so I can be able to enjoy the birth of Christ in a childlike way with no worries, just celebration…

How do you fend off the stress and worries that come with the holiday season?


One Response to “i [heart] fridays…mommylike vs. childlike”

  1. Julie Favis December 19, 2010 at 8:40 pm #

    Spending time with friends and family always puts things back in perspective for me. Spending time with my best friend, Jesus, is a must! PS my nephews are so cute!

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