Hey there!  So the question is who am I right?  

If you asked me about everything or anything else, I would answer you in a heartbeat or at least go find the answer for you.  Ask me about me, and that’s a whole different story.  My answers will be basic, simple, and probably more negative than positive.   That is definitely a fault of mine.  My first response is that I love Jesus.  My husband and my three boys are my lifeline.  I love music, books, and everything creative.   I love all different styles and I am a dreamer at heart, although my fears always get in the way.  My parents are the best in the world, and my awesome sis is forever there for me.  (Ok good, we are starting off positive and then….) 

I am that indecisive, cares too much about what people think, can’t seem to get it right girl. You know, the one who aspires to be everything, but can’t seem to get moving.  The friend who loves her friends to death, but seems to be unworthy of such lovely sisters.  The mom who gives neverending kisses to her boys, but so lacks in the teaching and rearing department.   The wife who cannot live without her hubby, but fails to show him daily how adored he is.  The girl who wants to breathe in her Savior, but can’t seem to make Him her priority.  I could go on and on….but  I will spare you.  Now, as much as I struggle in this particular area, the Lord reminds me that I am wonderfully made in His image.  And my body, mind, heart, and soul are gifts from Him.  These are gifts that I have totally taken for granted to the point of ungratefulness.  I am sad to say that it probably goes the same for all the gifts God has given me, including my hubby and kids. 

Sooooo, here I am making a conscious effort to changing my ways and taking care of these treasures that have been entrusted to me, being aware of the moments that really matter and tossing away the ones that don’t (like obsessively worrying), and living life the way God has purposed me to… I know things don’t change overnight (oh how I wish they did), but I know God is faithful and will be walking with me through my successes, failures, and everything in between.


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